Us vs skunks

SAFC vs nufc Estonia-Finland supporters derbies go back to history as far as 2002. It is a shame to say but it’s history for now as we’re too old for football and Finnish carttoonarmy tenicious standoff from our friendly clashes was uninspiring to continue. So enjoy reports from our successful past! To be brilliantly fair I must mention there was another match what was played in 2006. It wasn’t completely successful but there is no man standing who can remember the result. There was even a match report of the last match but sadly one dog ate it. So enjoy our very own derby history!

19/10/2002 Põlva, SAFC 8 nufc 3

28/06/2003 Sipoo, SAFC 2 nufc 1

12/06/2004 Põlva, SAFC 1 nufc 0

23/07/2005 Sipoo, SAFC 2 nufc 1

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