Go Enrico Go!


Our friends Black Cats of Italy have planned a really incredible masterpiece over one year or so. Now we’re happy to announce it will kick off on July 25th. Sunderland supporter Enrico Milani celebrates his 25th year supporting Sunderland AFC with a little bike ride from his familiar Brescia to Wearside. “Walking in the park”-like 2000 kilometres ride goes easily over the Alps, through Middle-Europe and England. Sounds a bit scary, eh?

nina3No worries at all! Enrico is a lad made of steel and his tribute is serving more important reasons than collecting some training miles on a bike or inform the rest of Europe about such a wonderful football club as Sunderland AFC. Enrico’s Way is collecting funds to support little Nina in fight for her rightful place under the Sun. Nina is a four-year-old girl who is living with an extremely rare medical condition. SAFC Italian branch has supported Nina many years. Now they give you a really good chance to support this little angel by yourself.

Here is your chance to ride for Nina:


If you want to be in touch with Enrico’s challenge follow his FB page:





Salute Nina!
Salute Enrico!
Ha’way the Lads!

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