Poominator speaks!


Few weeks ago in Estonia our best footballer of all times and surely kindest person in Estonia as sportsman and probably also as individual Mart Poom published book about his sporting career. And we must say, „Minu lugu (‘My Story’ in English) is a one hell of a good reading!

Book what is topping at the moment Christmas selling charts in Estonia tells us Mart Poom’s story. This is a story about boy who wasn’t talented for football but whose tenacious character, strong will and love for the game lifted him to the highest levels of The Game.

Book was written jointly with football journalist Indrek Schwede (who started interviews for the book nearly 15(!) years ago) but is far being usual ‘ghostwriting b**lshit’, as Poominator story is basing mainly on Poom’s sporting diaries what he performed day-by-day since year 1987. Schwede’s name as an author is also at cover next to Poom. But he’s only ‘people of the staff’ nuff more. In this book speaks Poom.

We could say that Poom’s story was a ‘Cinderella case’ if SHE (Cinderella) had ever put in at least 10 per cent of work what Poomy did and had at least 2 per cent of traumas Poom had in his way to the top. Remember, Cinderella, almost quit when she lost her shoe…;) Ermm… Ok, forget it! Poom’s story is a ‘role model’ story for a kids who want to become someone but are not too sure how to achieve it. Book takes us to a long tour from Soviet Estonia dormitory district courtyards to the stadiums like Stadium of Light and Emirates Stadium. Book also tells us story how such a wonderful game as football what was not favoured nearly 40 years under Soviet occupation became again Estonians favourite sport and what impact Mart Poom and his team-mates had in this revolution.

Our Est-Fin branch is mentioned twice in Poominator’s book. First time he talks about us at pages where Poom signed ‘on loan’ for SAFC and our branch welcomed him at stadium after Estonia-Iceland match.

[…]Compared to Derby County Sunderland is a big club what has supporters even in Estonia. November 2002, when we won Iceland 2:0 at home, I was welcomed by dozen of red-and-white-shirted Estonians who were overjoyed about my club selection.[…]

Next time we have our 3 rows of fame when Poom talks about his visit to our branch’s match against Estoonian Army as our manager. Need I say we won the match 1-0? 😉

When Poominator retired in England he was offered GK coaching job at Arsenal by Arsene Wenger. But Poom made decision to return to Estonia and contribute more to Estonian football. At the moment he works as Estonian national team GK coach and manages his own youth football academy called Nõmme United. He hasn’t lowered his tempo, he still works hard for his club and for his country like he did when he was player. His work-rate and intelligence have always been reasons why coaches, managers and fans love him. He gave us some great moment and believe me he keeps giving! Need I say this book is also a non-profit project? All profit from the book goes to support Nõmme United youth football development.

We add here free translation from Mart Poom’s book (hope it’s ok by Mart) where he speaks about Wearside football

[…]People in North-East England – Sunderland and Newcastle – are forthright and passionate. Many are descendants of coalminers and dockworkers, whose income isn´t high for British standars. To them, football is religion. There is nothing but football and rugby. Fans there are different from the ones in Derby, where the crowd is always supportive. Here, if you´re losing, they always start to boo. If you give everything on the field, they accept you. They´ll worship you. If it´s going badly, they react immediately, the stand starts to rustle. There, they see things in black and white. It takes guts to play in front of them.[…]

Ha’way Marty Poom!

(…when he gets the ball he scores a goal Marty Marty Poom!)


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