Miracles happen’


2013/14 – What a season it has been! Absolute roller coaster season with every single obligatory element included. We had all the falls and rises necessary for a proper roller coaster ride, most unforeseen spins included. At moments it felt like a dream, at moments we saw the brick wall ahead of us and thought „okay well, we all gonna die“. And finally, at the very last moment of hopelessness we managed „The Great Escape“ and landed safely at the end of the road. Actually we have found ourselves at the very much the same place we started our roller coaster ride with Di Canio ‘revolution’ last year. Of course, at roller coaster it’s not too surprising to finally arrive the place you started your trip. But in football usually we expect a bit more. We took off with Di Canio’s Rocket of Prospective Success but landed with Gus Bus. Unsuccessful season? Not at all! This season reminds me a lot of Keano’s first season as a Sunderland manager. Lot of gamble in a good way. We got few most sweetest wins home and away. Double over mags, ManU and Chelsea away landmarks, usual perfomance against ManCity plus fantastic cup run. Surprisingly we didn’t win the league this time as few most unexpected losses against minor opponents took place at our road of success. Well, to be 100% honest, at times our team looked and played like utter rubbish. Still it was a fantastic season to remember.

Last season our branch had a chance to attend 2-1 home match against mags and cup final at Wembley. Both games were fantastic experiences and proved us again and again what a privilege is to be a Sunderland supporter. Ha’way the Lads! KTF! FTM!

(image taken from Sunderland AFC News And Banter Page)

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