Been there done that…


It was a dramatic weekend. Trafalgar Square in London was closed due to Russian maslenitsa, Crimea peninsula in Ukraine was closed due to Russian occupation, Covent Garden was closed because Trafalgar Square was hosted by Russian maslenitsa and Sunderland fans had no other place to go. All I can say is sorry to all those pubs and restaurants who closed their doors because of us. Sorry. Very soon we moved our red’n’white arses from the streets of Covent Garden, so did Russians at Trafalgar when their maslenitsa week ended. Russian troops in Crimea never moved. They were just so feckin’ anonymous. Close you eyes and no-one sees you!

On Sunday Sunderland Estonian-Finnish Branch celebrated it’s great day at Wembley! It was a day to remember! Sadly after this BIG DAY we were still lack of trophies but in our Estonian minds it had been a great day out! KTF! FTM! Ha’way the Lads!

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